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About Islam Lubricants


The group achieved the realization of their applied plan according to the conceived
feasibility and as a result a competent/technically sound lubricant plant was set up in
1993. The plant assumed the name and title of Islam Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited. It is a 100%
national company committed to produce extremely high quality LUBRICANTS & INSULATING OIL, meeting international quality standards. Islam Lubricants produces various categories of oils with different grades, passing through international technical tests and sophisticated control measures. The support systems is designed to work in a systematic work programe starting from pre-production, production, quality control regulations, packaging, storage and dispatch to various end user destinations.

A high professional team is employed for production and meeting the challenges of marketing. Islam Lubricants are in high demand among prestigious business institutions and competitive market environment. Some of our regular products are:

  Automotive Lubricants
  Industrial Lubricants
  Locomotive Lubricants
  Marine Lubricants
  Insulating Oils

The company has the honour to have received ISO certifications ISO 9000, 9001, 9002.

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